Letter From the Editor

12/12/2012 -- I love talking about One Ink, and seeing the reactions of people hearing about it for the first time. Perhaps even more fun is blowing expectations out of the water.

Expectation No. 1: "So, you're making a 'zine?" Wow, remember 'zines? Poorly made, largely unknown, under- or unfunded, and over-specialized. I love me some 'zines but that's not what One Ink is. It's a full-on magazine, with checks for the people who work on it, a cohesive design, a regular publishing schedule, and broad appeal. Also, 'zines tend to be in what I like to call DTF, or Dead Tree Format. One Ink is not, or at least not yet. Don't get me wrong, I love 'zines and tend to pick up a few whenever I swing by the local comic book, record or used book store. But One Ink is not a 'zine.

Expectation No. 2: "Oh, another magazine of short stories." There are already enough short story magazines in the world, thriving ones, that I'm confident we don't need another. Also, I'm not stupid enough to try to compete with McSweeney's. One Ink is making something old new again, putting a new spin on an old favorite, and at the same time doing something fresh with a form that is getting complacent. The Novel needs some shaking up!

Expectation No. 3 "But what type of stories will you publish?" All kinds! Any kind! It's a rare reader who sticks to only a single genre or a single author, so why should our readers be stuck with monotonous reading material? There are now, and have been in the past, magazines of serialized novels that collect all detective stories, or all action stories, or an author will publish several stories concurrently. One Ink is unique in having a mix of styles, authors, and genres all in the same place. After all, we don't want you getting bored.

Expectation No. 3 "Sounds like pulp magazines. Weren't those, you know, bad?" Fun writing doesn't have to be bad writing. Exciting stories shouldn't be a guilty pleasure. If it's in One Ink, it's going to be GOOD.

My favorite comic book writer and artist, when asked where he got his incredible ideas, said simply, "I just made a comic that I would want to read." That's my goal with One Ink. I want to make a magazine that I would want to read.